A downloadable Unfinished Game

(Prototype with a lot of bugs and unfinished)

The tumblr we used during production https://www.tumblr.com/blog/howtomakemonstershappy it's very bare but it was fun doing it.

Walk around a beautiful low-poly island while you meet our 4 distinctive unhappy monsters. :) It's up to you to show them how to be happy! A very simple game with a focus on mood and sound.

Created by

André Silva (Art, Game Design)

@rubenjpneves (Code)

@arietsang (Sound)

@ivorawr (Art)

Install instructions

MS WINDOWS ONLY. Remember to extract / unzip before attempting to run the program. After extracting, run "HowToMakeMonstersHappy 20150715alpha.exe" and everything should work.


HowToMakeMonstersHappy 20150715alpha.zip 16 MB